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Prominent Israeli Artist to Make Venice Biennale Debut

10672431_10155839010715366_8262221223790610887_n-1With the Venice Art Biennale in just a few weeks (May 13th), I wanted to tell you about an artist I am working with. Ariela Wertheimer, who has a 30 year career as an artist and splits her time between New Y ork City and Israel, will be debuting a solo exhibition during Biennale this year, called Jaffa Venice Light Boxes, curated by Aharon Farkash of The Farkash Gallery.

The highly anticipated exhibition is comprised of complex light boxes, which reflect our lives, in a variety of colors with a large chandelier in the center of the space. Each box reflects the story of a character trapped in their own small or large prison, from the past or present, with a mirror included for self-reflection.

Ariela comes from the most prominent family in Israel so her exhibit is highly anticiapted. Would you be interested in conencting with Ariela about:

  • The inspiration behind Jaffa Venice Light Boxes and what it means to be exhibiting at Biennale for the first time ever
  • Her predictions for must-see exhibits at Beinnale this year, in addition to the light boxes

I’m happy to pass any additional information you may need. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Best wishes,